How much do hotels spend on bedding protections?

If you add up all the costs (puchasing mattress protectors, linen service invoice, etc.), you realize how pricy it is!

As complains about bedding quality and cleanliness are in the top 5 of bad review reasons, it is a real concern for hotels, resorts and holiday parks.

From bedding protection to mattresses, including linen and towels, benefit from one stop shopping.

Easytex was created to provide facilitating solutions for Hotels, resorts, holiday parks and every other accommodation providers. Through one stop shopping, we provide mattresses, pillows, duvets, protectors, bed & bath linens.

We are happy to work with big players in the hotel/holiday parks business


Save money!

How much do you spend on bedding protections?

Buying mattress protectors, washing them, your staff collecting dirty protectors and sending it to linen services, linen services invoices getting more and more expensive due to energy costs and labour shortage…

Over all, you can cut at least 25% of that budget by using Waterproof fitted mattress protectors from Easytex. It lasts up to 2 months, remove it by then or simply if it gets soiled, and just put a new one! It is much cheaper, no need for laundry and it guarantees 100% cleanliness


Save time!

Because they are laundry free, our mattress protectors and pillow renovators save a lot of time and pain for the staff!

Do your housekeeping teams complain about back pain? Heavy trolleys to move around?

Ease up their pain with Easytex bedding protections! No need for a wash, just remove it every two months or simply when it gets stained


Perfect hygiene guarantee!

Washing fitted mattress protectors is a nightmare! Elastics become loose, even if you have cleaned the stains, marks remain and it becomes yellow-ish. If a guest sees it, it will cast a doubt on the cleanliness of your establishment… even though you would have done everything in your power against!

With Easytex, mattress protectors make sure that your mattress is well protected, 100% waterproof and 100% clean! It lasts two months, if stained before that, just remove it. No guests will ever catch a stain on your bed protection again!

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    Albane Roux,
    Easytex Sales Export Manager

    Easytex is a French brand part of Subrenat Group.

    Subrenat has been offering solutions satisfying the needs of its customers in technical textiles, since the creation of the company in 1937.